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Conscious Roots is a DEI-training organization that’s driven by our belief that outstanding diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice-focused professional (and personal!) development should be accessible and available to everyone on this planet.

We are passionate about designing excellent, engaging content that makes examining and reimagining oppressive, racist and harmful structures feel do-able. Nothing lights us up more than when we see our clients making sticky, long-lasting, inclusive change as a result of the work we’ve done together.

How We’re Different

When most people hear about diversity trainings, they might roll their eyes as they mentally prepare for another boring sit-and-get. No thanks!

At Conscious Roots, we believe DEI training should be exciting, vulnerable, radical learning experiences that make you feel more alive and more human than you did before we started. No matter the format – whether we’re in person together, connected in a remote session, or even if you’re working your way through one of our self-guided courses (our mugs are there, too!) – we work to establish a warm, inclusive atmosphere that allows everyone to truly feel confident to be themselves and share directly from their hearts. And dare we say, we make unlearning oppressive behaviors fun? Oh, we dare indeed.

So how do we do this? We deeply believe that first you must turn inwards and do the required heavy lifting of examining your own intersectional identity, implicit biases, and where you've done harm before you turn outward and build new equitable ways of operating. This combination of inward and outward work is what truly empowers our partners – and hopefully, you! – to more fully step into their vision of equity and inclusivity. We love to see our clients grow, evolve and apply what they've learned through our trainings to reimagine a future beyond their wildest dreams!


It’s crucial to serve all, no matter what your starting point or budget is.


We must take good care of ourselves and each other to thrive in this work.


We all have the capacity to change, to do better, and to co-create a more just world


We do things differently because we know what makes radical change stick.


It’s a vibe! 😍

New Orleans roots. National reach.

Founded in 2017, Conscious Roots is based in New Orleans and, ah, let us count the ways that we love living and working in this city. The culture! The arts! The PEOPLE! We feel absolutely honored to be a local resource to NOLA’s incredible businesses, nonprofits, universities and art collectives.

At the same time, we’re passionate about working with organizations across the nation, too. And while we’re happy to travel when the world isn’t, you know, pandemic-ing, we’ve also adapted all of our trainings and consulting to work and feel great as remote sessions – all without losing the energy and magic of being together that we love so much.

Conscious Roots Consultants

Nady Persons

Co-founder and Executive Director

Toomi Al-Dhahi


Marlo Barrera


Kyle Conley


Jonathan Ray Dacula


Jay Hawkins


Torey Hayward


Amberine Huda


Kenyari Moore


Olivia Morales



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We have a radio show! Coming at you live on WHIVfm 102.3, every Tuesday from 4-5p Central. Or, you know, check it out online.