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DEI isn’t a business thing. It’s a life thing. A people thing. A work every day towards the liberation of all thing. (Okay, maybe that last one surprised you a bit, but don’t worry, you’ll get there.)

Whether you’ve been part of one of our organizational trainings and are looking to go further, you’re a social justice veteran looking for new tools to do the work, or you’re just beginning on your journey, we offer numerous ways to help you grow further.

Self-Guided Courses

We create courses that guide you through step-by-step ways to live a more inclusive, liberatory, and anti-oppressive life. The topics range from uprooting white supremacy to season-specific self-guided explorations toward a more authentic you. These are great options to tackle in the time you have, and we’re constantly adding more.

Uprooting White Supremacy

Are you white or white-passing with a strong desire to unlearn racism? This self-guided course is absolutely full of prompts and tools designed to help you explore your relationship with race and discover strategies to take your allyship further.

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Sometimes the most powerful way to provoke a life-changing experience is to get out of your daily bubble. We offer a range of retreats from half-day “plunges” to multi-day, destination events.

You’ll leave our retreats with a better sense of what unique experiences and identities make you who you are, how you best lead, and how you can show up in a more inclusive and equitable way in the fight for justice.

Sound like just what you’ve been looking for? Great! Sign up to be notified when our next retreat is announced – or if you’re interested in a private retreat experience, you can email us at


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We have a radio show! Coming at you live on WHIVfm 102.3, every Tuesday from 4-5p Central. Or, you know, check it out online.