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Our Clients

Why DEI Matters

It’s not just the right thing. It’s the smart thing, too.

Better Performance

Companies in the top quarter for racial/ethnic diversity are 35% more likely to surpass peers, while those in the same bracket for gender diversity are 15% more likely to do the same. (McKinsey)

Bigger Innovations

Companies with higher-than-average diversity had 19% higher innovation revenues. (HBR)

Best Team

A whopping 80% of Millennials (the largest generation in the workforce) say that inclusion is an important factor in choosing an employer. (Deloitte)

Our Services

We work with high-growth companies and small businesses, nonprofit organizations and art collectives, universities, schools and more. Bottom line: If you’re invested in empowering people, building happier and healthier teams, and proving to yourself that an inclusive, diverse culture truly results in an all-around better organization, then we’re in.

Trainings & Workshops

In-Person and Remote

These are not your average “sit and get” diversity sessions. They are lively, interactive experiences in which honest conversation and reflection leads to meaningful personal discoveries and behavioral change at both personal and cultural levels.

Many organizations choose to start here – and that’s great. We have tried-and-true training programs for basic DEI principles, as well as a la carte topical sessions we can add to address specific issues or areas of interest.

Only one caveat: We don’t do one-offs. We believe nothing this deeply rooted sticks after a single session. Rather, we offer programs of 3 or more sessions, intentionally designed to address your organization’s unique situation.

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DEI Consulting

The fact is, there’s not a clear one-size-fits-all model for implementing the values of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion across all organizations. We offer a suite of strategic services to help you discover and develop your own principles and approaches for championing a diverse and inclusive workplace.

From hiring practices and employee onboarding, to policies and practices for conflict mediation, third-party relationships, and more, we can act like your “external internal team” for all things DEI – until you feel confident wielding your new tools yourself, of course.

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Executive Coaching

In-Person or Remote

Whether you’re smack-dab in the middle of conflict or you’re trying to implement an important, yet delicate cultural shift, here’s one thing we all know: Leading ain’t easy. But it’s also exactly what’s required to transform your culture and inspire your people.

We partner with leaders to help them discover breakthroughs on personal and organizational levels, and translate those moments into action, growth and transformed culture.

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Retreats & More

Sometimes the most powerful way to provoke a culture-shifting experience is to, well, give people an experience! We o!er a range of retreats from half-day “plunges” to multi-day, destination events. We think of it as the immersion method – a way to quickly digest the core DEI training modules and give your team a unique environment to begin strategizing for lasting change.

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